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Version 0.04 is LIVE!
Hey everyone! Charles here. Welcome to version .04 of The Weird: The TTRPG! The biggest update included in this version of the game is the addition of the final...
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Five BRAND NEW Classes!
Five new classes are being introduced to the game Soon™! They will be released in September as part of the 0.04 Update to The Weird! Exciting stuff, yall. Kee...
The Weird has been nominated For THREE AWARDS!
...Well, our Podcast where we play the game is up for THREE awards at New Jersey Web Fest! We are up against shows featuring Brennan Lee Mulligan and Jeff Goldb...
What Separates The Weird From Other TTRPGs?!
Hi there! In this video Charles goes over what separates The Weird from other TTRPGs, and updates to the game! We will be doing more videos regularly, so DONT M...
Join The Discord!
Hey! You! Yeah you! We know you like Discord, so why don't you swing by The Void? We have a pretty active and welcoming community already. Swing by to talk abou...
Version 0.03 is here!
Hi all! We have just released version 0.03 to! This is a huge update to the game we've been building including some quality of life changes, some design...
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