Five BRAND NEW Classes!

Five new classes are being introduced to the game Soon™! 

They will be released in September as part of the 0.04 Update to The Weird! Exciting stuff, yall. Keep in mind that these classes will be Patreon exclusives until the final release of the game… However, there will be some quality-of-life improvements to the game as well to help inspire you in the creation of your world!

The Waitstaff

  • As a master of currency, The Waitstaff gains additional XP to buy items. They start out with lower stats, but will quickly be able to buy items to even the playing field.
  • They also can purchase most items at a discount.
  • Currently, The Waitstaff will have all 5 moves unlocked, unlike the other classes where choices need to be made.

The Scientist

  • The Scientist uses their knowledge to help those around them succeed.
  • They also have the chance to gain additional tags unavailable to other classes.
  • If they choose the move Megalixer, they can create “potions” that allow players to re-roll any failed roll.

The Experiment

  • This class has been modified through natural, supernatural, or extraterrestrial means… Which has left them changed. 
  • They are a high-risk, high-reward class. Decisions they make in creating this character will heavily impact the entire party.

The Con Artist

  • Using their wits and charm, The Con Artist can trick almost anyone into falling for a scam.
  • They also can help mitigate the damage caused by previously failed rolls by “Calling In A Favor.” 

The Hunter

  • With years of experience, The Hunter has become an expert in tracking their prey. 
  • They can also get a dog that the DM can’t kill without your explicit consent. 
  • This class will be featured in our 6th arc of The Weird with guest host Kamijace from The Weekly Cooldown Podcast.


These will be the final roster of classes introduced to the game, save for one that we will be featured down the line in the podcast. The next major change will be around reworking the classes and how they are built. We will have more to say about those changes down the road!

Need a quick introduction to the game? Make sure to check out our Podcast (which is up for THREE major awards!), and swing by our Discord server to join in on the conversation.

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